Cruising after the pandemic

Same as a lot of people out there, I was checking the stock prices for cruise companies (they do say is a good time to buy but I’m no expert). While doing some research I came across different articles written by different individuals, mostly divided in 2 categories: the pessimists and the optimists. In case you are wondering, no I did not buy any shares and that’s because of my lack of financial knowledge and skills.

It did make me think, again, will cruising be the same as we know it? How will this pandemic change our jobs and the cruise industry? These are big questions to which, nobody knows the exact answer at this moment. Hell, I don’t even know when I will see my other half this month, next month, who knows. But we are all entitled to an opinion, and, in my own opinion I believe cruising will come back stronger and more luxurious than ever. It might take some time but we will get there.

And to put in a list (cause it’s more fun), here are my own personal top 5 “how will the cruising be when we return to service”:

  1. Stronger: Without doubt this pandemic is a lesson for all of us, regardless where you live and what you do and same applies for companies worldwide. Let’s face it, in our minds, we were more prepared for an asteroid than a pandemic. Nobody knew it will hit so hard, so fast and at this scale. Sure hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos happen all the time but nothing that impacts the entire world. In the past, when ships were not able to sail in one area, they redirected to another area, problem solved! There is no “Plan in Case of a Worldwide Disaster” in our binders but I am sure we already have one now or at least a draft.



  2.  More luxurious: cruising is not for everyone. Most people who are against it, have never sailed before (fact!). You know that saying: when the fox is not able to reach the grapes, she says they are sour anyway? How many people stopped taking a plane or a car after seeing an accident on tv? A small percentage did, true, while the majority understood that if sh!t is meant to happen, it will happen! Even if the ships decide to board less passenger to maintain a certain distance onboard that would just make your experience more personalised. Besides, I believe cruises will go above and beyond once back in service with their returning guests and not just that but I also know, for a fact, that the crew is eager to have the guests back. Let’s face it, a cruise ship without its guests is just not the same!! img_8832
  3. Wiser: not sure how this will translate into new policies and procedures, but same as with the airline industry, I believe we will see new boarding/ screening and a more quick reaction when it comes to health concerns. Like I mentioned before at no 1, this was a lesson for all of us (and it still is).



  4. More relaxed: Will we have less passengers? Will we have less group activities? Nobody knows. There are lots of speculations out there. Regardless, to me that translates into a more relaxed cruise, more space, more time for yourself to sit back and enjoy. 
  5. More tech oriented: technology can help to lessen queues at the Front Office, at the buffet, at the shore excursion office etc. I’m sure everyone agrees we need those high tech gadgets and not just at the bars.


Again these are only my ideas, maybe things will be different than the above, we will just have to wait and see. I do have my high hopes though or maybe I’m just looking at the half full side of the glass.

What I can state as a fact is that I have seen cruise ships go through a lot in the last years and let me just say, the media has not been kind at all during those times. Maybe one of the reasons why I started this blog was to give an insight on the industry from the point of view of someone who works there. I talk a lot with our guests when I’m onboard and seeing how misinformed some of the younger generations are and not only, from the media, is simply infuriating, especially on the environmental aspects. But that’s a complete different topic that I will leave it for another blog post.

For now, do you agree with my list?



3 thoughts on “Cruising after the pandemic

    • mdiannee says:

      Me too!! We can’t do much about what’s happening in the world but we can try to control how we feel and look for the rainbow at the end of the storm. Life is unpredictable as we all noticed in the last months! Let’s hope for the best!


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