What day is it?

This was my first question today when I opened my eyes. I knew it is Monday but is it the 24th, 23rd of April. Shockingly, is the 27th! When did time fly by? In a few days it will be exactly a month since I got home and honestly, feels like yesterday. Funny how now I know the day but not the date and when I was onboard, I knew the date but not the day.

One month and I got to the realization that is not such a big deal after all. Sure, is not easy either (let’s not even go close to the economy subject) and I do miss having a coffee with friends or being able to walk outside without a mask and wherever I want but I realized, ship life did make the whole situation easier.


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What did I do during this month:

  1. Was grateful to be home and safe! It took a lot of e-mails, interventions, phone calls to get me on the sign off list on the 29th of March. Only 10 of us left the ship out of which I was the only employee, the rest were contractors/ concessionaires such as SPA and musicians. Under normal circumstances I would have gladly stayed onboard but I needed to be home by April and every day there were more and more restrictions to travel. I knew it was either then or much much later on. I stayed in touch with some of my colleagues and learning what was going on back onboard, seeing all the new restrictions happening after I got home, made me feel so grateful to be home, despite the going out restrictions. Only a sailor can understand how grateful we can be a for a well stocked fridge, a kitchen where we can cook if we get hungry, our couch, good internet and pjs all day. Amen!
  2. I read. Just finished the Witcher saga books and loved them so much!
  3. I made a schedule. Not just that but I realized that having a schedule especially during this times, does make a great difference. I have (more or less) a set time for meals, sleep, movies etc Keeps me sane and is kind of how it was onboard too (thanks ship life!)
  4. I cooked! My kitchen and pantry have never been so well stocked! I took my time to try new recipes and cook things for the first time. From home made mayo to different sweets and a failed pizza attempt, they were all new to me!
  5. I enjoyed the sweet doing nothing! One month of chill and I am not sorry about it! These are times (like these) when I am happy I do not have kids yet!

To conclude, it was a time of much needed rest of enjoying a home I missed so much. I do wonder sometimes what will happen in the future but I try to chase that thought away. I hope for the best but I am also aware that things might not be so jolly as we want them to be. I try to stay focused on today and on the now, stay healthy and “che sera sera”!

One thing I do miss these days very very much, is having my other half here with me. He, as well as so many other seafarers, is still onboard and unable to get home due to travel restrictions. We haven’t met since December and is not easy not knowing when we will see each other next. I know a lot of families are in the same situation and let me tell you, is not easy! My heart is with all of you out there! This too shall pass..


Sign off day 29 March 2020 in line at the gangway

Heathrow Airport 30 March 2020


Heathrow Airport 30 March 2020

Constanta, Romania

Sunsets at home


2 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. meg ryan says:

    Glad you’re home!! Hope you are well. Also, hope your other half is OK.

    We are ok here in New Jersey more or less. I never know what day it is, hence, I look to the cruise lines’ carpet!! At least your company posts them daily!!

    Great post and interesting perspective!! Stay well! I hope to get back to traveling soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

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