Chacchoben Ruins Crew Tour

Man I love a good crew tour. Who doesn’t? All is organized, you get to feel like a tourist without having to deal with the actual tourists. Instead, you get to spend the day out with the other crew members and relax.

Our crew tour to the Chacchoben (maya for “the place or red corn”) ruins felt more as a photo contest. All the crew wanted to take pictures, pose, shine and whatever it takes to look good on social media.

We left the ship from a very busy Costa Maya port and drove for around 50 minutes before reaching the ruins.

We were told to get insect repellent and sunscreen. So I did and it was a good choice of supplies and clothes. We were in the middle of the jungle surrounded by fire ants and massive spider webs in the trees. Ok maybe it wasn’t all that scary but they were out there!

The ruins were absolutely amazing. There is just something magic about how they blend with the sky and the green of the trees, the rocks and the air. You can tell that from the pictures too. It was such a mystical experience.

Our guide was Dennis. He tried to explain to us the mayan calendar and how to read it. We also tried to look smart and pretend we understand what he was saying but the truth was, we were more concerned if there is wifi on the bus (crew members what to do!). For what is worth, Dennis was very knowledgeable, we were lucky to have him as our tour guide. And no, there was no wifi unfortunately.

The Chacchoben ruins site is a circular path that takes you to visit 3 pyramids as well as many walls and staircase. My favorite one was the first pyramid. I also think it was the best photo spot too. I wish I can tell you more history facts but for that I recommend you wikipedia.

What I can tell you that it is worth the visit if you are docked in Costa Maya. There are lots of taxis that can take you there at any time, you don’t need to be be part of a tour. The flora around is breathtaking and if you are lucky, you can get to see a sleepy spider monkey too.

The tour only lasts 4 hours but was more than enough.

Are you planning to visit Costa Maya soon? Let me know of you have any questions in the comments sections.


P.s. sorry for the absence of the last months. I guess is true what they say. Sometimes the most difficult part of being a writer/ blogger is to actually start writing.

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