What’s your favorite port?

This question came into my mind this afternoon while walking around Flam, Norway. What is my favorite port? This is like asking me what is my favorite color. My answer: depends on the mood or, in some cases, depends on what I’m looking for.

As crew members/ officers/ sea(wo)men we get this question a lot. Sometimes from our cruise ship guests and sometimes from our family. Believe it or not, this is a very though question to answer cause, believe it or not, we don’t have ONE favorite port.

First we have ports we don’t like. These are mostly the ones where these is nothing interesting to do outside!! Or the ones with poor wifi, the expensive places, places with no shopping malls or places with bad coffee. The ports we like are preferably the ones with all of the above and where we have a late departure. That’s a dream port right there!

But as much as we looove these kind of ports, we don’t really include them in the favorites section. The favorites are the ones with the best memories. When we did something crazy, or maybe we shared them with special people or maybe ports we visited at a certain moment in our life.

Flam is one of those ports for me. It was one of the first ports I visited in 2009 and it still feels like yesterday. Walking around today brought back memories, smiles and nostalgia. It also reminded me that I used to be skinnier but I won’t go into that conversation.

My dear Flam(or Flom), you might not have shopping malls, you might be pricey and the departure time was kind of early today but you are and will always be ONE of my favorites ports.

Always happy to be back!