NYC trip and 5 things I learned from it

New York, New York! Ah where to start, with what to begin. Let’s just say ever since I was a little girl I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. I got to see it up close a few years ago but then I realized there was more to New York than Lady Liberty. I wanted more than a few hours in the city that never sleeps so here I was, finally, getting 3 days to visit the Big Apple!! I know what you might say that 3 days is not enough but this just gives me a reason to come back.

I decided to write this post in the form of 5 things I learned from my visit to New York city! Honestly guys, I loved this experience from so many points of view and I can’t wait to go back there one day.

So here we go, 5 things I learned from spending 3 days in New York city before going onboard a cruise ship (for vacation this time):

1. Solo travel is a good teacher and a booster of self confidence.

When I got on the streets of NYC for the first time I got a bit anxious. I was alone, I had this idea of the city not being a very safe place (thanks Batman movies) and I didn’t know which way to go or what to do. I actually called home just to beat the feeling but I knew I cannot be on the phone with my family for 3 days continuous. I was feeling very awkward all by myself at first and then, I looked around and saw tourists! Lots of them! Saw young girls at coffee shops and restaurants by themselves and perfectly ok with it. I started feeling better. To my surprise the city felt more safe than lots of other places I had traveled before. I managed to visit places, explore, kept moving and enjoyed every second of it even if I was alone. At the end of it I couldn’t be more proud of how I spent my time in NYC.

2. I don’t need to stay in the heart of the city to enjoy it

Someone suggested 2 things before coming here: 1) learn to use the subway and 2) take the subway. Come to think about it that was a very good advice. I was staying on Broadway at Courtyard Marriot Central Park. It was a busy area, I enjoyed more the Soho streets than the busy Times Square/ Central Park neighborhoods.

3. Times Square at 7am in the morning was the best

That was one of the highlights of my trip thanks to jet lag. I had my coffee in Times Square at 7am before all the Marvel characters show up, before all tourists flocked to take pictures, somewhere before night and day when you can still enjoy the city lights but also the the square in day light. I loved that moment!

4. Next time plan and prepare for really really really long lines

I gave up on visiting the 9/11 museum due to crazy lines. Even though I purchased the New York City pass before getting to NY, I barely used it. Most things are free (Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Grand Central Station) and those that are not free usually take half a day to visit from staying in line to getting in and to actually seeing some stuff in there. The pass did help me skip the line at Top of the Rock but unless you are planning full days of museums is not really worth getting a city pass.

5. New York smells good!!

With a food truck at every corner I felt hungry most times while I was there. The streets smelled delicious from halal food to roasted peanuts especially on a cold rainy day. My favorite place to eat which was also close to the hotel was Cafe 53. The food there was fresh and a crazy variety at very good prices. I never actually had one of their coffee but I ate so good every day!



6 thoughts on “NYC trip and 5 things I learned from it

  1. Larry Kassa says:

    I used to live north of ny city. Now I live in sunny Florida. I enjoy your Instagram page of you on the ship. . It’s a great place. I cant believe all you saw in 3 days. You need to go back and experience alot more. I am proud of you going there yourself. Keep posting those beautiful pictures of your adventures.
    Take care

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