The Recycling Center

If you guys didn’t know by now, 18 March is, starting from last year, the Global Recycling day. What does that mean exactly? That we bring forward recycling topics and celebrate how well we did with the promise to recycle even more in the year to come. It gives companies and organizations around the world a chance to re-emphasize the importance of recycling among their employees but also, why not, a reason to trow a party, a get together, be creative and take pics while you do so.

We were also asked to organize some events on our ships and not just to celebrate the Global Recycling day but to rename our Garbage Room, the Recycling Center.

Initially I had no clue how to organize this. Should we cut a ribbon? Should we have a cake? Maybe a cake outside the garbage room isn’t a good idea with the USPH and all. How in the world should we do this? Luckily, as for any other crew member, Amazon is the place to go so I search for recycling related items.

I got recycling balloons! More balloons and I also got some recycling photo booth props without knowing what exactly I will do with them.

On March 18 I asked one of the guys on the corridor to take me a pic with one of the recycle balloons and then it hit me. Why not go around and give the balloon and props to random crew while at work. And it was sooo much fun! The crew was surprised, some thought the props are a gift (sorry guys it’s just for the pic and I will need it back) some were asking me for more pics.


My photo booth props were a SUCCESS!

On March 19th we called in the Captain and as many officers and crew we could gather and placed the new recycling center sign outside the former Garbage Room. We had green sodas (Sprite and Ginger Ale) and we had one photographer as a proper ceremony should.

Maybe it wasn’t the fanciest celebration ever but I was so surprised of how much the crew wants to be involved. Either to take picture, to smile, to have fun. It has been a week almost and this is still the “talk of the town”.

And like I mentioned in the beginning of this article: this was a really pleasant and fun way to bring back the recycling subject around the ship, to focus on recycling on how we segregate the materials and to do better.

Happy Global Recycling day guys and don’t forget to check out the video I posted on my Instagram account!


p.s. in case you’re wondering what happened to the old “Garbage Room” sign.. Well let’s just say Engineers are not all that tough after all 🙂

Currently in the Chief Engineer’s office!

One thought on “The Recycling Center

  1. Max Bradbury says:

    Go Girl !! Keep up the good work xx don’t ever forget “every little helps” You will make a difference ,,, You are an inspiration ,,, Salute Stay special XxxxxxxxX

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