Simple Complicated Things: about plastic pollution

Last night I went on Youtube, searched for “plastic pollution” and started watching all the videos related to the subject. This has been a very hot topic for quite a while and was curious to find out what’s new.

In my search, I’ve also found some bloggers and youtubers who went living on a plastic free lifestyle (or so they say). They explain how to carry your mug, fork and spoon everywhere with you. How to carry your deodorant in a jar and wash the trash bin after emptying without using plastic bags. Some explain how NOT to flush your cotton bud or tampon down the toilet (never did that in my life and had no clue that people actually think that flushing these would be ok) or even how to make money and convert plastic in a currency!

One of my favorite parts was relating the plastic issue we are facing with the King Midas story that turned everything he touched into gold (same as we turn everything to plastic) until one day when he starved cause he couldn’t eat his food turned now into gold. Well, there’s no secret that microbeads are already in our food chain..

My least favorite part was seeing images of whales and marine birds dying because of ingesting plastic. That’s just sad!

So what now? We all have seen these images so do we all start going around with our own mug and fork? Do we start carrying jars and bottles of toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo etc.? Is cutting plastic out of our life really the solution? What about the alternatives?

Aardvark straw in Barbados, together with my Rum Punch in a plastic cup (yeah, getting there). Currently Aardvark are the only producers of paper straws in the US. They create flexible, customizable, durable and biodegradable paper straws that decompose in just 45-90 days. Learn more at

I personally do not feel ready for this. My carry on and luggage are always at the weight limit and can’t afford carrying heavier items. Not having a liner and having to wash the bin after taking out the trash is disgusting (sorry but it is!) but I DO WANNA HELP. So how do I do that? How do I help without being under the feeling that I am punishing myself cause I am sure that this is how most of us feel.

Baby steps!

Fortunately, the internet has so many articles about this subject all you have to do it search, read and learn more about it. We are finding ways of getting rid of the plastic in our lives but is up to us to embrace the change (slowly but surely). When given the option, chose the one that does not involve any plastic use, raise awareness, talk about it with your friends and family, say no to that extra plastic bag the guy at the supermarket is giving you, say no to the bartender that shoves 2 plastic straws in your drink just because it looks fancy. Think about it: that extra plastic bag might end up in your plate one day if not lead to a slow dead and/or to the extinction of other species. 

When you stop, look around and realize how many things around you are made out of different types of plastic it gets scary. Try it now!! Look around..

Let’s start with simple things and together move on to bigger ones. Maybe that’s the whole point of this article and all the articles out there. It’s a cry for help to make us aware of how bad things are right now. Life in plastic it’s not that fantastic after all!

So what do you think? Would you be able to live without plastic? What is that one plastic item that you can give up today and choose a better and more Earth friendly option?


2 thoughts on “Simple Complicated Things: about plastic pollution

  1. Stormy says:

    I think about this every day of my life, is why I have a small sailboat and not a large one, it all adds up. I work in a bar, we just went to paper straws but it’s only a drop in the bucket to all the waste at the resort. There are 7.6 billion humans on earth and 99.999% of them don’t care. Even if you could convince one percent of the planet which I doubt is possible would it make a difference? Still, I try but I’m losing hope

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