Greenland Days

Hello everyone. Is been almost 2 weeks in my vacation and I am finally starting to feel myself again. Got a lot of sleep and a lot of stuff done at home. Vacation is great and the good thing about it, it gives me time to write here more often.

To my surprise when I got onboard this contract I found out the internet was being paid by MB and not by the minute as in my previous job, so, as you can imagine, connecting my laptop to the crew internet and loading pics on the blog was not an easy or cheap thing to do.

I do want to share with you some of the fun stuff I did in the last months. One of them was anchoring next to the world’s largest island – Greenland (meaning Land of the People after it was discovered by the vikings in the 10th century). Not sure what you have in mind when you think of Greenland but to me it was exactly how I imagined it, maybe with less ice and snow.

Sadly, we had to cancel some of the ports due to bad weather, the seas between Iceland and Greenland were brutal (yeah I got so sea sick considering I was on the smallest ship I have ever been on) but the view was amazing and the fact that I stepped on Greenland soil made me feel very proud.

 I did not go further than were the tenders were docked but that was more than enough to get a feeling of the place.



One of my wishes was to take a picture with the local kids in Nanortalik. I guess being a woman is not totally that weird if I ask them so here we are. They were all very happy to receive a cup of hot chocolate afterwards and I was very happy with my picture souvenir.





Qaqortok – largest city in Greenland



My free souvenir from Greenland – o rocked I randomly picked up

Below are some pics with filter but I really enjoy the results..


Hope you enjoyed some of my Greenland pics, leave a comment if you have any questions or comments.


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