Goodbye Celebrity

Saying goodbye has never been easy for me. Writing about it doesn’t make it any easier.

This post is about my goodbye to my Celebrity family after 5 beautiful and amazing years. It was not an easy decision but deep down I feel and I know it is the right move for myself and my career. I have learned a lot, I have done so much, I have grown as much as I felt I could, but I also feel I need a new challenge right now.

When I started working with Celebrity in 2013 I would have never imagined that one day it will be my decision to leave. It was either “they kick me out or I ain’t moving from here”. Was that the right mentality? Maybe. But I also know today that change is good and taking on new adventures and risks will help me grow as a person.

Knowing you are about to leave, for the last time, your ship that has been like your family for the last few years is not easy. As crew we always say “see you on another ship” or “see you when you get back” only this time there won’t be another time (except if I go cruising) which makes it really difficult to get by. With some of my colleagues I spent more time in the last years than with my family at home. We got very close and it truly feels I am leaving behind a family, my Celebrity family.

Maybe I got spoiled or just nostalgic after so many years of changing ships, after all, this is the job and lifestyle we chose, where there shouldn’t be too many attachments. But I am attached and all I can say is THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU my Celebrity family. You will always have a special place in my heart.

And if you’re curios of what’s to come.. stay tuned.

Happy 1st of June!


My farewell cake from the Team..

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