This Sunday it’s All about Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2018 folks! Since today it’s all about ways to celebrate Earth Day and eliminate the plastic pollution, here is a look back on some of my favorite moments and our involvement in protecting the environment since last April 22nd. Cannot wait to create similar events and memories in the future!


Bermuda season 2017; Glass Beach Beach Clean Up with a small but mighty group of crew members from the Celebrity Summit


Bermuda season 2017; collecting trash and debris from Glass Beach 


Bermuda season 2017; Black Bay Beach Clean up with Celebrity Summit crew

01 Group Shot hi res.jpg

Bermuda season 2017; Black Bay and Glass Beach Clean Up – Celebrity Summit Crew in partnership with KBB (Keep Bermuda Beautiful)


Bermuda season 2017; Glass Beach Clean Up with Celebrity Summit crew

As you most probably know by now, this year’s campaign is to “End Plastic Pollution”. By visiting you can find out lots of interesting facts, history and activities happening all around the globe in celebration of today. They even have a quiz section you can take with your colleagues. Fun stuff!

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 1.11.22 PM.png

So what are you planning to do for this Earth Day? Although there are many ideas out there on how you can do your part, my advice to you, every small step in reducing plastic matters. Below are some simple suggestions on how you can reduce plastic while cruising or working onboard:

  • When you are getting a coffee and you have 2 options to stir it up: metal spoon or plastic straw, please choose the reusable spoon. Even if it looks like a very small gesture, if 1000 people onboard would choose the metal spoon over the straw, we will have 1000 less plastic straws to dispose of. Same goes for the paper cup and plastic lid; do you really need to use a paper cup every time? In my opinion coffee tastes so much better in a porcelain mug.
  • Using small toiletries available in the bathroom: do not squeeze it once and throw it in the trash. Just because it is small it doesn’t mean it is a single use. Use it as many times until it’s over so this way there will be less plastic in your trash bin.
  • Do not and I repeat myself, DO NO THROW anything overboard and please be aware of your surroundings. If there is a windy day in port and you see something flying around like a plastic bag or paper, please grab it (yes, even if it doesn’t belong to you) and dispose of it properly before it reaches the water.
  • Please separate and recycle PET bottles. These usually are compacted onboard ships and sent out for recycling.

Do you agree with the above? If not, I would love to read more about your ways to reduce or eliminate plastic onboard ships.

Happy Sunday everyone!




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