Who’s Driving?

I have always said that although we work in what it’s still a man’s world, we should not try to act like men. We should not try to forget that we are women, we love, we cry, we get emotional but we are also fierce, strong, stubborn and we work hard! And I’m not just saying this only for the ladies at sea. I have in mind my mom and all the mothers out there who are doing a full time job and try to live their own life at the same time and work and be wives to their husbands as well. And they do it, but what happens when you are a female mariner and decide it’s time to have a baby?

In the last years I’ve had many of my friends getting married and having kids. The girls I used to party in the crew bar back in the days, now they are full time mothers. I got to see their first baby echo pictures. I got to see how something that seemed to look like a pea became a peanut and then became a tiny human!! I got to see them trying to stay awake at work or how they wanted to eat my plate too sometimes. How they were day dreaming, wondering how their tiny human will turn out to be and how I was the only one having coffee when we were going out for coffees. I got to see their baby bump grow and then next thing you know they had a baby in their arms and I had to take a few minutes to adjust!

Recently, I got the news that some friends and colleagues of mine, who recently got married, are having a baby and currently they are both working onboard! She is actually the first female Bridge Officer (1st Officer) I personally know who is navigating the ship while being pregnant! Imagine that?! I can only say Kudos to her!! Now that’s a story to tell your baby one day and to our guests when they ask us “who’s driving the boat?“! I can only wish them all the best and cannot wait to meet the little one!


The big question that remains however is: how does a baby affect a woman seafarer career? I guess this is a matter of choice. Women can come back to work in a year time after having a baby but some decide not do to so or return later on. Whatever they decide, as parents and adults, is, I am sure, well considered.

Keep driving Miha!!


2 thoughts on “Who’s Driving?

  1. A. says:

    Wow things change, I wish I stayed until I was pregnant also sailed as a deck-officer best job in my life ever. So does my husband he is now a captain. We thought it might be smart to first find a shore job otherwise it are to much changes… then getting married not pregnant is nicer so I can have a drink and a normal wedding dress. 2 months after trying we ended up in a fertility clinic on the waiting list for 4 years. During the waiting list time is started to miss sea sooooo much now I’m pregnant I hope the little one is gonna replace it but never expected this feeling would stay….

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