Top 6 things a girl at sea must have

We all have our favorite things that we pack and do not and will not leave home without. Below you can find a list of my favorite things to take onboard. I usually travel light but I always try to fit these in my luggage.

  1. White t-shirts & black socks: these are never enough as I wear them every day! Maybe some wouldn’t mind wearing their uniform without a white t-shirt under, I personally, got used to it this way. The black socks (depending on your uniform these can be white) though, oh, they are never enough. I still remember one time I dreamed how I found one last clean pair in my drawers (that was a happy discovery) only to realize the next morning that it was only a dream and that in reality I am out of clean work socks and I will have to take out my anchor striped blue and orange pair. Ugh, who dreams that?!
  2. A fitted uniform sweater: Cause the S size provided onboard most times feels like an L and while a shirt or a pair of pants can be modified at the tailor, there’s not much you can do about the size of the sweater. So I bought my own sweater and got it customize on the shoulder to fit the stripes. Love it ever since!
  3. Good shoes: day, night, safety shoes you name them; good shoes onboard are a must. For work I bought my own anti slip Skechers from Amazon. They are comfortable, I have been wearing them for many years and my favorite – no shoe laces to worry about.
  4. Shower-head filter: I love my shower to be without any chlorine or any other chemical so having a shower filter keeps my skin glowing and my hair soft and in good shape. I am carrying in my luggage Culligan Hand Held Filtered shower head that can be purchased on $50 dollars well spent to chase away bad hair days!

The things I do for this blog (source: my phone)

5. Protein bars: all mariners can agree with me that when you missed the meal hours, protein bars are life saving. They are a better option for snacks regardless if you are a gym person or not. My favorite for now – Quest Cookies and Cream!6. A blow dryer: nobody onboard has the luxury to wait two hours for their hair to get dry (that much it would take me on average) so having my own blow dryer saves me a lot of headaches, literally!



What’s your favorite item to take onboard?


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