A Day in CocoCay

Here I am, having my breakfast in a corner in the guest buffet area. I shouldn’t be here at this time but my omelette cravings this morning won. We are at anchor in CocoCay, Bahamas. A few tables away I can’t help not hearing the conversation between an elderly couple and one of the waiters.

Her: “Where are we today? CocoCay? Doesn’t seem like much? Do they have any shops there?

Waiter: “It is a beautiful private island owned by Royal Caribbean but yes, you will find there some small souvenir shops and also drinks and lunch as you would normally find on the ship.”


Aerial view of the island (source: Royal Caribbean)

The lady is still skeptical and doesn’t seem to care much. I cannot help but go over and confirm what the waiter just said and tell them about my experience on the island a few weeks ago and how pleasant and peaceful it was just to walk around the beach. I believe I convinced them and asked them to let me know after departure how their day was. They left me a message later on that evening saying they had a great time out and it has been a very relaxing day; I couldn’t be happier.

My happy face when going ashore!


..when off duty!

Yesterday, however, I was reading an article related to the $200 million development of CocoCay and how they are planning to build one of the largest water parks, zip line and ballon ride. The project seems impressive considering that will also include the construction of a new pier that will be able to accommodate mega ships such as Oasis or Allure of the Seas. If you work on cruise ships or maybe you are only cruising, you must know how hectic the days at anchor can become when you have to take the tender back and forward. Personally, I will miss the peace and quiet of the island but hey, who doesn’t like a good zipline ride? Is this environmental friendly? Maybe, if done right, is hard to say at this point. Knowing Royal Caribbean I am sure sustainability is a major focus on all of their projects so I hope for the best out of this project.

Thoughts, comments or island memories you want to share? Feel free to use the comment section below.


Future plans for the island (source: usatoday.com)

Future plans for the island (source: usatoday.com)


Future plans for the island (source: usatoday.com)



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