Ring the Bell: Celebrating Women’s day onboard

Exhausted! That’s how I’m writing this post right now and this time is not because of work! It’s because of all the IWD events taking place today lol..

First thing first though: Happy Women’s day ladies! I hope you had a great day no matter what you’ve decided to do today and regardless if you are at sea or on land, while you are reading this. Although I am not a very big fan of this day (same as with Valentine’s) I do appreciate the extra attention we get on the 8th of March and sometimes the flowers too. Back in my home country, Romania, we normally celebrate Mothers Day on this day but, same as with most holidays in the last decade, it got modified a lot due to commercial reasons.

Nevertheless, today we got to do more than smell the flowers. Today we got to be a part of the “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” a UN initiative for Sustainable Development and more exactly the “Ring the Bell on the 7 Seas” a Red Shoe Movement initiative in partnership with Celebrity Cruises where all our fleet and shoreside offices got to show their support in a joint ceremony. And guess where the main event took place? Yep, onboard my truly amazing Celebrity Summit ship.

It was a very proud moment to be a part of. I even got goose bumps during the speech but tried my best to stream it live on my Instagram account. I did wish the gorgeous model dressed in red, in the front, was male though and that we had exotic dressed waiters serving champagne and chocolate covered strawberry but I know what you’re going to say – keep dreaming Diana.

Overall was a very nice ceremony despite of the strong wind, which was considered to be “the strong wind of change” by the way. The red ties, the ladies wearing red lipstick, red shoes, good music, there were flowers, there was red red red everywhere, photographers, GoPros and lots of mobile phones pointed all around, it has truly been a touching morning. I even got to peak and take some paparazzi pictures of the interview our President and CEO had on the Bridge prior to the event.

The day continued with receiving lots of unexpected flowers, strawberry (delicious!!) cheesecake, more events around the ship, sushi for dinner with a glass of one expensive shiraz and, this is my favorite, ended up my work day with a burial at sea. Yes, you read it right – a burial at sea! That my friends however, is another story for another post, some other time.

To conclude, today was a day with mixed feelings for me. I am grateful for what we have achieved as women in this industry and not only but there is still so much work to be done! When I get women in their 50-60 coming to me to congratulate me for my position, telling me that in their younger days this would have been unacceptable and that they are so happy for how times have changed; only then I realize the progress we’ve made. And times will continue to change. I only wonder sometimes what will our kids or grandkids think of the year 2018? Will we and our troubles look silly to them?

I wonder..









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