Aruba and how I did (not) get to see the flamingos

They say life happens when you are busy making plans. One of my superstitions is never plan a day out in port as it will never work as I plan it. Either we get a random inspection or I get very busy that day, truth is that best days at shore where most times the ones I did not plan. So, once we got in Aruba, yesterday, I took my chance on getting a ticket to see the flamingos. This has been on my bucket list due to Instagram and I actually mentioned about how much I am looking forward to this in my previous post here. Maybe I jinxed it then, who knows hmm.

Our arrival was at 9:00am and once I saw the Princess cruise already docked in front us, I knew then that my changes went from low to very low.

I got to the Renaissance hotel somewhere around 11am, hoping for a miracle. I did not rush there, instead, I took my time checking out some shops on the way. “Que sera, sera” I said to myself. Once I got to the hotel there was another couple in front of me interested in a day pass. They were rejected with “all passes are sold 7am (wait, what?) and maybe you can get one tomorrow morning at 7am” (like waking up at 7am in your vacation is everyone’s dream). I also knew then that my chances went from very low to “you wish”. Long story short, I tried all my cards to get in without any luck. Well there was one where I could have paid around $400 (the price of a room) for a few hours on the beach with the flamingos, but come on, I rather buy myself something nice than give them this amount of money. Even paying $100 the day pass ticket price was a bit too much and everyone said I am crazy but I was willing to pay that just not $400! I hoped that maybe they get some open slots later on during the day. No luck. Got really pissed off. Not with the fact that I did not see the flamingos but with the whole concept. When did this turn into mission impossible? Anyway, I promised myself not to write bad about them just because I did not get in so I will say no further (yep, still pissed with the whole thing).

I ended up at Palm Beach in the afternoon, which was very nice, and got a bit of color for an hour or so, nothing fancy. One thing I loved about Aruba is the people (except the front desk guy) who were really, extremely polite. This is one of the reason I would love to go back and maybe stay a few days. I am a bit sad that my mood got ruined due to the Flamingo beach but I would have felt worse about myself if I had spent $400 for this. It’s a matter of principles!

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to visit the beach and I am sure I would have loved every second of it but I am just not willing to “kill myself” over it. It’s all about what experience you chose to have. As long as I can make a good story out of it to remember like “how I did not get to see the flamingos in Aruba, almost got kicked out of a small hotel beach where I got a sun chair surrounded by huge creepy ants and there were lizards running everywhere in a creepy way, oh I got to see a pelican flying around which was pretty cool; how I was sweating like crazy walking on the streets looking for a taxi but met some really interesting and nice people along the way”, hey, I take it as a win!

Wrapping it up with some pics from that day. Enjoy!













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