Chasing Rainbows, Not Storms

Greetings from the Caribbean Sea! We have just left the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and are now heading to St Thomas, U.S.V.I. where we will be tomorrow early morning. We were actually not supposed to be in San Juan today and I was definitely not planning to spend so much money this week on shopping but hey, when in San Juan..

We are back to regular cruisers for this week only and we had in our itinerary the port of Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) where we were scheduled for tender operation. Due to bad weather, we had to change our itinerary and spend today docked in San Juan which was a very nice surprise. Especially when you are docked right in the heart of Old San Juan.


San Juan is looking pretty good considering the damages of hurricane Irma and Maria (if I remember correctly) from last year. I remember our first call here of this season in November the streets looked like a jungle. Fallen trees, untrimmed grass, damaged buildings, no electricity, the Mall was crowded with people trying to charge their phones, the lines at the ATM seemed never ending. That day made me so sad and so grateful for the basic things we have in our life and we take for granted. “But the people of Puerto Rico are strong” I kept on hearing all around and here we are today, almost back to normal. Was such a pleasure to walk the streets of the Old City once again. Sure there are some shops missing or some trying to recover but the people of San Juan are indeed strong and I can only imagine how these last few months have been for them.



On top of that we have an ongoing internal Public Health inspection this week which is going pretty good so far; I got called urgently to the Bridge the other day to.. take pictures on an awesome rainbow and there have been flags literally everywhere in the last days as our Navigation Officer decided to tide up the flag storage cabinet.




Days are passing on the Celebrity Summit. I wish there were rainbows every day and no storms to deal with but needless to say “A smooth sea….


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