The Great River story; sailing on the Mississippi river on a Monday morning

Sometimes one must stop and smell the roses. When I look back on the sailing experiences I had so far (crossing the Panama canal, the Suez channel, Alaska inside passages, St Lawrence river) and today I got the chance to sail on the second largest river in North America, the Mississippi river, I mean, hold on and acknowledge where you are Diana!

Regardless of what happened last week or last month or what plans you have for the future sometimes we all need to stop and enjoy the present. Recognize it for what it is. Enjoy it. Be present! One cannot change the past and who knows what the future will bring. The only real thing we have is this moment, today, right now. And my right now is pretty awesome as I get to cruise with a ship over 90.000 tones on the Mississippi and I am loving it!!

My morning, well, there I was on the Bridge silently running from one wing to another with my GoPro and my Samsung in hand to take some cools shots for you guys. The Captain was giving me a strange look but I mean, a girl’s got to do for her blog what a girl’s got to do. The only thing I wished I had done is to get more info out of the pilots but everyone was so busy that I simply gave up. You always get so many interesting stories from pilots, doesn’t even get close to what google or any other information source has to say.

The other thing I liked is getting so many recommendations on where to go in New Orleans and what to do. I wish I could do them all but time in between work is so limited. Thank you all for your feedback though! It really meant a lot!

Days like these make me feel like my Instagram account has become a community. To sail on one part of the world and then someone (you know who you are) is sending you a picture of your ship saying “hey I’m on the ship right next you, portside” is amazing. Same as for so many of my Insta followers (and you also know who you are) who are sending me pictures looking over my ship from their balconies. I mean, wow!!

So here’s to a day that put a smile on my face! I hope your start of the week was as good as mine was.


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