Happy Charter Season

Turnaround day. Waking up while it’s still dark, luggage off, guests off, crew off, garbage off, provisions on, technicians, inspections, chaos! People stressed out, other enjoying their day off, people running, stevedores, local security onboard – chaos. Wash the ship, clean the staterooms, clean the lounges, prepare prepare prepare to look brand new for our new guests. There are so many things going on during embarkation day, it is hard to describe. There are some departments that have nothing to do with it but regardless in which department you are working, it is hard to avoid not feeling the stressful heavy air around.

The sadness of leaving, staying, the excitement of starting again or seeing new faces, it is always such a crazy day full of unpredictable but here we are, sailing again, away from the chaos of this morning. Welcome onboard!

Today was an even busier day as it is the start of the Charter season. Since most of the upcoming charters will be all about music, from smooth jazz to classic jazz, from the 60s to the 80s (by far my favorite) imagine the amount of extra equipment and VIPs we had to receive today.

I personally enjoy the charters. I had the chance to be onboard during the last charter season last year and it was a lot of fun. In case you are not familiar with what happens during a charter cruise, well basically the ship is hired or rented out for a specific time or voyage by a person or a company. In our case we are hired by ECP (Entertainment Cruise Productions) a company that organizes mostly musical charters (although they have a Star Trek charter which is pretty cool) and we get to see all these artists coming onboard and there is really good live music everywhere you turn. My favorite is the smooth jazz. I could listen to it for hours.

So happy charter season to us and I will try my best to add some pics from around the ship these days on Instagram.


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