The Seasick Pill

What do you do if you study to be a sailor and discover your stomach turns upside down the minute the swells get bigger or the wind faster?

What do you do if you go onboard and find out you can only stand on your feet when the ship is alongside?

Now that would be a bummer.

When I was a kid I got car sick. My dad’s car was an old Dacia that used gasoline and oh boy that smell was killing me. I remember most of our trips I has holding a bag to my mouth praying it will not happen. The funny thing is that I still get car sick in vans or when I stay in the back. The even funnier thing is that I never took a sea sick pill in my life!

And I’ve been through hurricanes, typhoons, crossed Cape Horn (aka the Sailor’s graveyard) from one ocean to the other, sailed on Bay of Biscay, notorious for its bad weather and yet, I made it as a personal challenge never to take a sea sick pill.

What is sea sickness or motion sickness? There are tons of articles online about it. Shortly put is a response of the brain against poisoning. You see when our ancestors were eating bad fruits in the wood and they would start to feel nausea but their eyes saw that everything was remaining still (conflict between vision and balance), the brain understood that the person is hallucinating due to a sort of poison and would induce vomiting to help survival and eliminate the toxin.

Do I get sea sick? Oh yes! I guess we all do. Maybe some of us more than our cruise passengers. My secret is a coke with ice and a few minutes horizontal or if that’s not possible just to lay back on the chair and relax making sure my head has a good support.

Is not easy working on a ship and not being able to put up with the sea sickness. The other day I received a message from a former Cadet that although he was missing the sea very much, he could never go back due to the sea sickness he used to have while onboard.

Last but not least, don’t forget sea sick pills will make you sleepy so don’t take one if you are expecting a busy day ahead.



4 thoughts on “The Seasick Pill

  1. Tony acabono says:

    After 40 years at sea, I can tell you that everyone is susceptible to seasickness. Some people are sick as soon as you leave the dock, others when seas reach 50 feet. Most of us are somewhere in the middle. Myself, it takes some good rolling to get me sick. Caffeine is a remedy. So coffee and colas will help. There is no shame in taking seasick pills. When I started my career in the US Coast Guard, we were required to take our dose of seasick pills. We were also required to go out on the worst possible weather:)


  2. spiegeje says:

    I will try your remedy next time I feel it. I took Bonnie once and hated how wierd it made me feel, so I try to tough it out first. Since then, hard ginger candies, staying hydrated and eating a good meal including a green apple pretty much gets rid of it for me. The hard part is believing that it will work when all I want to do is hug the toilet. – Jay, a frequent passenger


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