Quality evenings will be missed

Today I started packing. Half way through I got a headache and got crazy hungry so I stopped. I don’t know what it was about this vacation but it is one of the fewest times when I find it so difficult to leave.

The last few months were like a rollercoaster, filled with a lot of emotions and new experiences for which I am so grateful. I have not spent such a long time home for many years. I guess with the holidays and all, home has been the perfect place to be.

My biggest achievement this vacation was to start driving again. I know, you would thing it is something very easy but when you have a driver license from 2005 and you are never home to actually drive it gets tricky. Plus the taxis were pretty cheap until this year so I guess I kept postponing it, until this November. Now I’m loving it and I find it so relaxing. Even at rush hour, I might be the only happy driver out there.

Oh well, but a sailor must do what a sailor knows best – go to sail.

I will sure miss the nice quality evenings spent with Liza my frenchie (the little munchkin) and my family..

p.s. The Green Stripes part II is almost done and should be on the blog very soon now. Stay tuned.




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