Top 10 things I miss about work when I am home

Yesterday was such a nice surprise. The feedback received after announcing my new blog was overwhelming. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words!

Going back to business, today I thought about making a top 10 list of things I miss about cruise ships and work (excluding the pay) when I am at home in vacation. The timing of this article I believe it is very good since I am getting ready to go back onboard in a few days and start a new contract.

  1. The Sea – let’s face it. You have to love the Sea to spend so many months in a row on a ship. I miss waking up in the morning and wondering how will the sea be today; calm, rough, blue, green, matching the sky, reflecting the sun, everyday is a different sea (yes even in the Caribbean calm).
  2. The work – vacation is nice but if you’re like me, the type of person that likes to stay busy, you will know what I mean. Being busy onboard and making things happen brings me joy. Sure there are things I like doing more than others or days when I just want to disappear but bottom line, I really enjoy my day to day work!
  3. The view – when you work on a cruise ship you visit a lot of ports too. The good thing about it is that you get to have a different window view every day. Sometimes depending on which side you are alongside you can get sea view or city view for the same price (in my case for free). Even if you don’t have a window you still have the cabin tv that shows you the outside or you can always go on the open deck and get to see a different scenery most days.
  4. The different nationalities – oh my where to start. There is just something unique about cruising and having so many nationalities on the same.. boat. When I’m home, I miss that. Getting to interact with so many people from all over the world and learning new words or customs without having to travel across continents, it’s unique!
  5. The smiles – at home (Romania), we are used to a more serious approach to the people around us. Having on the ship people smiling back at me early morning just makes my day. Regardless if you are a cruiser or a crew member you must know exactly what I mean!
  6. The element of surprise – you know the feeling when you wake up in the morning and make a plan in your head on how that day is gonna go and then everything else happens except the thing you had planned. Well, onboard, this happens most of the times and it makes every day exciting!!
  7. The opportunity to visit warm and exotic places – sure the free time is limited but that’s when you make the best out of it. Being in the Caribbean when everyone is removing the snow from their car is a treat!
  8. The stories – guest stories, crew stories from previous contracts or “back in the days” we tell a lot of stories onboard. Not to be confused with gossip cause although that happens everywhere, land or sea, I’m referring to sailing stories here.
  9. The familiar faces – I always found it easier and more enjoyable to work with people the second time. By then, I know what the other person likes and what are my boundaries and it makes everything smoother. It also makes me very happy  to meet people I know once again and get to catch up.
  10. Not having to worry about what will I wear today – day uniform – coverall – night uniform. Done! One less thing to worry about. Although, ironical, every end of the contract is the opposite and I cannot wait to get home and wear the new things I bought!

Last thing I want to add for today is to give a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most amazing Captain I ever got the chance to work with, woman and role model for me – Captain Kate McCue – who celebrates her birthday today onboard Celebrity Summit.

Happy happy birthday Captain!!!


(picture taken on my birthday last year in July)


5 thoughts on “Top 10 things I miss about work when I am home

  1. meg ryan says:

    Diana, I know you’re the environmental officer onboard, and you often post from the bridge. Are you also a bridge officer or learning that aspect? Maybe a future post can explain your work day?? 😁

    This is interesting reading, thanks for sharing and safe travels back to Summit!



    • girlatsea1 says:

      That is a very good topic. Thanks! I get that question a lot onboard too. Basically, I am not a watch officer but I am part of the Bridge team and I spend a lot of my time there and in the Engine also.


  2. Carolina Baldasso says:

    Girl!! This I made by you??? 👏👏👏 is so nice I love it!! Congratulations, such a beautiful way to write you have !! I will never forget ours conversation every time you was coming to the spa!! 😘


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