The Girls from the Bridge

I received a lot of messages and comments, after posting the above picture on Instagram, about its authenticity. To most of them I replied but to others, that were not on my profile I refrained from commenting. It is always funny to read people’s comments. Still amazes me how mean we can get though sometimes for no reason at all.

So about the picture. Well let me just say the officers are real but as you can imagine this was just a pose as we were at sea and not all of us were on duty at that time. It was fun to snap a picture this way though. I mean, let’s face it, what are the odds of having so many female officers on the same ship. Sure, I had female colleagues, maybe one sometimes two but not four!! So it was an opportunity not to be missed.

The other thing that makes me very proud is that these women are experienced navigators with years at sea and with high positions. While I am sure that everyone has heard about our famous Captain Kate McCue in the center, we also have our Chief Officer (Nicole) and the 2nd Officer (Georgiana) besides her,  myself of course, left side trying to look busy and Anna in the front, our posh 3rd Officer holding the VHF.

What a fun day that has been. A few days later I signed off I remember and never got such a big girls team ever again, or, maybe not until today..

Smooth seas ladies, wherever you are these days!





5 thoughts on “The Girls from the Bridge

  1. Ade Roberts says:

    Diane – that is one amazing team and knowing most of you in the photo it makes me feel very lucky to be able to cruise with Celebrity knowing I’m in good hands on the bridge.
    This does however give me a #SelfieGoal though – standing right in the middle of you all.
    Never stop your awesome work!
    #SmoothSeas to you all and #GirlPower

    Liked by 1 person

  2. terranullis says:

    You are my biggest idol ever!! My biggest dream is I become the first hungarian captain woman, and you are inspire me! ❤

    Love, Rebecca


    • girlatsea1 says:

      Dear Rebecca – and you are mine for the determination you have! Good job and I have all my fingers crossed for you!! You can do this, Captain!


      p.s. sorry for the late reply, I had limited internet access these last few weeks


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